Winter, summer, during the holiday season or just for a weekend away, our charming ocean villa is available all year round ...

Walks on the coastal road

It’s beautiful, it’s grey, the ’Chemin des Douaniers’ is always a delight ! Sometimes you reign over the beaches and cliffs, well sheltered from the wind between hedges and low walls ; sometimes you walk on the sand or a stony pathway. In summer there are magnificent views of the intense blue sea ...
One little extra for Villa La Brise ; you can see the customs path stop at the foot of the house !

Fishing at carrelet by renting a fishing hut !

They had been nestling on the Quai de Sautron since the end of the 19th century, small huts for plaice fishermen. So merged with the landscape that nobody paid any attention to them. Until the day when the waterfront management at Sautron à Villès Martin decided to demolish the parapet, which had been obstructing the fishing huts from view. Suddenly, the Nazairiens could take pleasure in discovering the charms of these huts made from bricks and pitcher. Now you can rent one !

A run at skate park !

The Skatepark, located at the junction of the Parc Paysager and the Waterfront, offers a complete practice space for all disciplines and is adapted to different levels of practice.
It is both a sporting facility and a public space. It consists of three parts : a "bowl" part ; which is the refurbishment of empty swimming pools, from which modern skateboarding was born in the 1960s ; A "ditch" part ; retention basins with inclined planes ; Finally, a "street" part ; that expands in ribbons and enlaces the two previous parts by joining them along a linear practice run, punctuated by walls, tables, metal tubes for sliding, pallets and other wheeling facilities...
Among the remarkable aspects of this 1000 m2 facility, is the "full pipe" (a complete tube) which enables the execution of amazing figures. This aspect is unique in France and contributes just a little more to the singular nature of the place.

This project came together as a concerted effort : elected representatives, technicians, members of the Front de mer / Gavy / Océanis district councils, users, associations ... all participated in the success of this open space that meets the needs of young people and new sports and recreation practices, in particular regarding the various urban skating activities.
This project cost the town € 500,000.

The Port de tous les Voyages

The "Port de tous les Voyages" : a new way of carrying out proposed visits around the port of Saint-Nazaire, freely, at your own pace and according to your choice. Ship, plane or underwater ... but one can also travel through history ... What type of trip would you choose ? You can combine visits and select packages. The places to visit are located on the harbour, at the heart of its energy and activities. The embarkation gate : the submarine base. And between visits to Ville-Port, you can go shopping, take a walk - on the seafront for example, have a drink, go to the beach ... Saint-Nazaire, the city by the sea, welcomes you for a few hours, a day or a longer stay ! Click Here to browse the "Le Port de tous Voyages" brochure.

Discover the presqu’ile guérandaise

With its vast curve of fine sand, La Baule Bay stretches for nine kilometres. Just like at Pornichet, the neighbouring resort, the beach’s reputation cannot be surpassed. A casino and thalasso, horseback riding, sailing, tennis, the discovery of the magnificent villas, often in a very individual style, or just to compete with the sunbathers lounging on the hot sand ... At the other end of the bay, Le Pouliguen and its very lively pleasant marina opens the way to the wild coast.
In the middle ages it was salt that made Guérande’s fortune, whose name comes from the Breton Gwenn-Rann, the "White Country". Inside its 14th and 15th century ramparts, the old town with its narrow streets and stone houses has astonishing charm. Then, one should really pay a visit to the heart of the salt marsh : this man-made landscape is unique, as is the salt that has been produced here since Roman times. If salt is the white gold of the region, peat has for some time been black gold for the inhabitants of Brière. On foot, by bike, by boat or in a horse-drawn carriage, La Brière can be discovered at a leisurely pace, past the canal bends and through the thatched cottage villages.

To find out more :
La Baule Tourist Office
Pornichet Tourist Office
Pouliguen Tourist Office
Guérande Tourist Office

... Le Croisic is found a little further along with its beautiful Ocearium

Attend a great day at the races !

Welcome to the Races at Pornichet A moment of sport and of emotions ! Come and discover the horses and the professionals who work on the racecourse. Coaches, farriers, lads, veterinarians, curators, technicians and volunteers work hand in hand to offer a superb show, in the company of the most talented jockeys and drivers. In Pornichet, the most prestigious stables come from all over Europe to compete for victory : galloping on the most modern of courses made in fibre sand, trotting on a 1250 m track circuit. The bar, the snack bar, the panoramic restaurant and the many activities for children on site will make the visit unforgettable !

Races timetable here !

A foot fishing party ...

This can be practiced by everyone at low tide. Always plan to leave at least one and half hours before the next low tide (see tide times). To combine pleasure with fishing and respect for the environment, please take only what you are going to consume, and stones and rocks moved should be put back in their place.
The cleanliness status of the waters and the official information that authorises (or prohibits) foot fishing are available from the Office of Tourism, do not hesitate to consult them.
The coastal façade of the Presqu’île de Guérande offers many sites for professional and recreational foot fishing. It permits fishing for mussels, oysters, clams, shells, periwinkles, limpets ...
In order to practice this activity safely and to work for the preservation of the natural environment, it is necessary to respect the regulations as well as take a few precautions.
In order not to exhaust resources, it is imperative to follow some fishing know-how rules :
Adhere to the minimum sizes permissible for shellfish, fish and crustaceans and in the permitted quantities.
Always replace rocks that are moved out of place.
Use the appropriate equipment
Do not fish within the proximity of oyster farms

Fishing guide here !